Frutti Extra Bursaspor add Derek Needham

2021-06-30 12:59

Derek Needham relocates from Montenegro to Turkey as he officially signed a contract with Frutti Extra Bursaspor.

30-year-old American-Montenegrin played for Mornar Bar last season and averaged 7.7 points and 5.1 assists per game. Mornar Bar were 5-5 in the regular season but only managed one win (5 losses) during the second round and were left outside the Playoffs.

Derek Needham

Derek  Needham
Derek  Needham
MIN: 23.41
PTS: 7.73 (38.68%)
REB: 1.45
As: 5.09
ST: 1
BL: 0.09
TO: 2.45
GM: 11

A well-traveled Needham has also played in Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, and Monaco.


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