ALBA Berlin to miss all their centers for several weeks

2021-08-27 13:13
Credit: ALBA Berlin
Credit ALBA Berlin

It does seem unbelievable, but it's true. ALBA Berlin will be missing all three of their big men for the next few weeks due to injuries. Head coach Israel Gonzalez saw his bigs get sidelined in a span of few hours.

Ben Lammers, Christ Koumadje, and Kresimir Nikic have suffered injuries during the team's training session. During the examinations at the Accidents Hospital in Berlin, it was diagnosed that Koumadje and Nikic had ankle injuries, while Lammers suffered a muscle strain. All three ALBA centers will be out for several weeks.

Currently, Johannes Thiemann is the only healthy player left on the roster who can cover the center position. 2.21 m Koumadje, one of the tallest players in Europe, 2.08 m. Lammers, who had a very good rookie year in 2020-21 EuroLeague, and 2.13 m. Nikic, a 22-year-old prospect, will need considerable time to recover.


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