TJ Parker: 'For us to be in a chase for the Top8, we needed full roster'

Uygar Karaca
2022-02-05 09:46

LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne had another losing week after their latest defeats against Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul and Anadolu Efes Istanbul, which left them with 3 wins away from playoffs spots. (9-15, 13th place)

"I'm proud of my team, we played against Efes until the very last minute. But 19 turnovers did not help us at all," Parker lamented after the game.

After losing their main scorer Ellie Okobo for almost two months due to injury, the Lyon outfit had to find solutions again.

Player of the Game
Shane  Larkin
Shane Larkin
Points 19
Accuracy 7-14
Rebounds 1
Assists 8

Under the leadership of Marcos Knight, who accumulated 16 points in the first half, ASVEL managed to stay in front after 20 minutes.

Knight eventually reached 21 points and 12 rebounds for his best night in EuroLeague and got occasional support from Chris Jones (13 points 6 assists) and Matthew Strazel (13 points), as the reigning EuroLeague champions were a little bit too much for them to contain.

TJ Parker reveals that the priority is not the playoffs under the given circumstances.

"The top 8 was not a goal. The goal is to grow. We have the smallest budget in France. Last season we had some good games, and this season we also got some wins. For us, it is going to be step-by-step. For us to be in a chase for the Top 8, we needed the full roster.

"Raymar Morgan, Wiliam Howard, David Lighty, Antoine Diot. Their losses were way too much important for us."

"We'll get David Lighty back, he is coming back after 3 months break. We've been missing him so finally, this is some good news. Injuries, Covid, we are having a hard season, but this is part of sports," Parker continued.

Parker started the game with Zaccharie Risascher, the 2005 born player who got the biggest EuroLeague minutes (5:15) in his very young career after playing 2:04 minutes against Monaco. 

The son of Stephane Risascher did not take any shots, but Parker has a firm belief in him.

"For sure, he is a big talent. He was on the roster tonight because he is doing something that others don't, he can shoot the ball. That always helps. Just the hand is different, he is righty as Stephane Risacher was a lefty," Parker concluded.


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