Joe Ingles has no doubts about his comeback from ACL injury

2022-02-05 15:19
Credit: 2022 Getty Images-SCANPIX
Credit 2022 Getty Images-SCANPIX

A few days ago, Joe Ingles suffered an ACL injury in his left knee and will be forced to undergo surgery to repair the injury. Ingles, who's 34 and will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, has no doubt that he'll come back from the injury and will continue to play in the NBA. 

"I have no doubt that I'll be back, literally no doubt", the Australian player told ESPN. "My game has never been based on athleticism, above the rim, or anything like that. I'm not writing off what this surgery is and the rehab process I have to go through, but anyone in the NBA knows how I play and what I can do". 

The Australian forward, who was the runner-up for the Sixth Man of the Year award last season, acknowledged, though, that his future might be away from Salt Lake City. 

"I've built my eight years here of hard work and in the community and all that stuff, but I'm very well aware of the business side and all that", Ingles continued. "I have a very good relationship with the Jazz and the coach, I've got the best agent in the league. It's a very fluid conversation, and we just have open lines of conversation". 

"I still love playing", Ingles explained. "I want to play in the NBA. I'm not trying to play anywhere else right now. My goals haven't changed. The injury obviously puts a little mountain over the top of it, but I'm very confident with my work ethic. I'm very, very confident". 



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