Abdul-Jabbar apologizes to LeBron: 'It was not my intention to criticize him'

2022-04-06 14:50
Credit: AFP - Scanpix
Credit AFP - Scanpix

Los Angeles Lakers do not stop making headlines despite their painful eleventh place in the NBA standings, which has already left them without a presence in the playoffs.

A day after openly and bluntly criticizing Lebron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wanted to reaffirm his respect and admiration for James after some comments made that he described as inaccurate. 

"I've spoken to the press a lot since my high school years, it's been 60 years of making statements," said Bucks and Lakers legend, who was at the Crypto.com Arena a couple of days ago to present an award to Carmelo Anthony. "I haven't always been right, and Sunday was one of those nights."

LeBron James

LeBron  James
LeBron  James
MIN: 37.22
PTS: 30.27 (57.42%)
REB: 8.23
As: 6.23
ST: 1.3
BL: 1.05
TO: 3.5
GM: 56

Abdul-Jabbar has already explained on social media that his comments about Lebron were not meant to be critical, but constructive. In a radio appearance on SiriusXM, the former player elaborated further.

"It was not my intention to criticize LeBron in any way. He's done a lot for the black community and also for basketball. We don't always agree, but I want to sincerely apologize to LeBron and make it clear that I have enormous respect for him. If he can accept that, I'll be very happy."

Abdul-Jabbar's two main criticisms of the Lakers star this season revolved around an obscene dance to celebrate an on-court victory and an Instagram post that featured a meme about confusing the symptoms of COVID-19 with fever and a cold.

James, if he keeps his physical form intact, will pass Kareem as the NBA's all-time leading scorer in 2023.

"King James" is 1,326 points away from the league's all-time record, which the retired center has held for the past 38 years. Beyond the controversy, Abdul-Jabbar said he was happy that LeBron can catch him at the top of the table.

"If he stays healthy, he has every chance of breaking the record. It's a marathon, not a sprint. He's very close. I hope he can achieve everything he sets out to do, because he deserves everything he's achieved throughout his career and he's earned it."

LeBron is averaging 30.3 points (2nd in the league), 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists this season.


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