Doncic on scuffle with Whiteside: 'I would go with these guys to war'

2022-04-26 07:32
Credit: USA TODAY Sports - Scanpix
Credit USA TODAY Sports - Scanpix

In a game where Dallas Mavericks dominated against the Utah Jazz, one episode in the fourth quarter stood out amongst the others.

With just over five minutes to go, Luka Doncic tried to dunk over Hassan Whiteside, and the big man stopped the Mavs superstar with a hard foul. A scuffle between the players of both teams immediately began.

Dorian Finney-Smith and Reggie Bullock were the first two players that got into the alteration from the Mavericks team.

2-pointers this season

Points made: 25,9
Accuracy: 54,7%
Place in standings: 28
Record max: 39
Record min: 15
Most made 2FGs: Luka Doncic

"They had my back," Doncic said after the game, remembering the moment. "Both of them, anybody, we had each other's back. That's what great teams do. I would go with these guys to war. This is a special team."

"I just ran over there and tried to protect my teammate," Finney-Smith told the media. "It's playoff basketball. It was a hard foul... We know they're going to try to hit Luka. They've also been trying to hit [Jalen Brunson], too, lately. We've just got to protect ourselves, protect each other, and win games."

It was a special game for Doncic. He coupled his 33 points with 13 rebounds to dismantle the opponents in Game 5. The first game after coming back from injury was tough, but Luka is ready now.

"The first game, I was a little janky -- I use this word a lot," the Slovenian superstar said. "But I felt better today. I think the first couple of minutes I was tired, but then I was OK. I think the run in the third I was a little tired, too, but just getting my air back. I've got to hydrate for Utah now, the altitude."

What's the secret to winning the important Game 6 in away territory?

"Just play the same way we played today," Doncic says. "I think our defense was amazing, the energy was high, and we played hard. That's the way we've got to play, and that's how we win the next game."

Game 6 of the series is scheduled to take place Thursday night in Utah.

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