Paolo Banchero: 'I'm the best overall player in the NBA Draft'

2022-05-18 04:34
Credit: USA TODAY Sports-Scanpix
Credit USA TODAY Sports-Scanpix

The NBA Draft Lottery took place last night and now we know the order for the upcoming NBA Draft. The Orlando Magic will select with the no.1 pick and the quest to understand who'll be selected as the no.1 pick now is officially on. 

Duke alumn Paolo Banchero was interviewed by ESPN right after the lottery and shared his thoughts about why he should be the no.1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. 

"I feel like I'm the no.1 pick in the draft just because overall I'm the best player in the draft, I feel like I check all the boxes", Banchero explained. "Whether it's being a great teammate, being a star player, or doing whatever the coach needs. I've been aware of that my entire life, and when I'm going to the NBA it's not gonna change". 

Banchero also mentioned the main lesson he learned in his lone season at Duke from Coach K. 

"The main thing I really took away from him was that no matter the situation you're in, always present yourself in a strong way, no matter the fatigue, just be ready for the next play", Banchero said.

When asked about what he can bring to an NBA team from Day 1, Banchero had no doubts about his main skill. 

"I think they'll get versatility for sure", Banchero stated. "There's not a position in which I'm not comfortable, with the ball in my hands or off the ball, you know, I'm going be alright. I'm gonna be an instant impact because I'm ready physically and I'm ready mentally". 


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