Huge Laso Mistake & Efes Case For Greatest Team of All Time (URBONUS podcast)

2022-05-23 15:20

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas & Rytis Vysniauskas wrap up the EuroLeague season, focusing on a crucial final mistake, putting Efes and its stars in GOAT conversation, discussing Efes and Real future moves, and sharing farewell stories of Lamonica and Printezis.

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  • Intro about the new BasketNews app (00:00);
  • Why Laso made an unforgivable mistake (2:23);
  • New EuroLeague rule idea (7:46);
  • Efes’ X factor that brought the title (12:08);
  • Stunning facts behind Efes win (18:02);
  • Is Efes the greatest EuroLeague team of all time? (23:30);
  • Why Efes set an awful example (31:41);
  • Why Larkin and Micic form the best backcourt of all time (39:20);
  • Efes future moves (44:58);
  • Main Real free agency goal (54:44);
  • Lamonica and his retirement souvenir (59:44);
  • Funny story behind Printezis’ signature shot (1:04:25);
  • Q&A and future podcast plans (1:09:20).

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