Printezis: 'I'd choose EuroLeague title with Olympiacos instead of 4 with other teams'

2022-06-20 09:56
Credit: Olympiacos Piraeus BC
Credit Olympiacos Piraeus BC

Georgios Printezis ended his long-tenured career at Olympiacos Piraeus this year. The veteran forward now heads into retirement after winning the Greek title for the fourth time.

Printezis sat down on EEC WebRadio to talk about his retirement plans, the final season, and his career philosophy.

"For now, I want to make myself and my family happy," Printezis told during the interview. "When you are a professional, even if it appears on Instagram, for example, that you do some things, that you spend some time outside the court, you do not do them, you do not experience them."

Points this season

Points made: 80,0
Accuracy: 48,3%
Place in standings: 5
Record max: 101
Record min: 67
Best scorer: Aleksandr Vezenkov

"Athletes' pleasures are also paired with guilt. If you go out, you then do double training to cover it. I have not felt absolute freedom and I want to feel free for a while and enjoy myself and my family.

It is certainly not the most difficult profession in the world, but everyone has their own ups and downs and their own goals. Thank God I am given the opportunity to sit for a while to give my child and my people the best I can," Printezis continued.

Printezis has been a part of the Olympiacos basketball system since the year 2000. He was 15 years old at the time and cannot remember a single thing from the introductory press conference. Printezis was seasick that day and was glad the journalists did not ask any questions.

The forward has been playing for the red-and-whites for more than 20 years, winning the EuroLeague trophy twice. The Olympiacos' comeback and his iconic floater will forever be engraved in the tournament's history.

"Apart from any success, the human part is the most important. My love is mutual, it filled me most of all because they feel it and I feel it," Printezis talked about his love for the club. "Loving one team does not mean you have to hate another. The fact that I said that I would not go to Panathinaikos can be translated in two ways. Unfortunately, some journalists interpreted it the wrong way."

"It does not mean that you are mocking or disrespecting the other team. It just means that you love the team you are in more, even in difficult times or when conditions are worse," the forward explained. "Personally, I would choose a Euroleague title with Olympiacos instead of 4 Euroleague titles with Russian or Turkish, or other teams."

Olympiacos reached the EuroLeague Final Four after a 5-year drought. The team silenced the doubters and ended the regular season in 2nd place.

The playoffs series against AS Monaco was the one to watch with Kevin Durant and Emma Stone being in attendance in Game 5.

Printezis believes Olympiacos have a great future ahead, even with him leaving the club.

"The team has most of the core ready for next year. Of course, the coach will also stay. I am optimistic, there is chemistry, there will be 1-2 moves and I believe that Olympiacos will do even better," Printezis hoped.


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