When Kendrick Perkins prayed that something bad happened to LeBron James

2022-06-25 13:27
Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images/AFP
Credit Arturo Holmes/Getty Images/AFP

Kendrick Perkins recently visited The Old Man & the Three Podcast with JJ Redick, where he talked -among other things- about his relationship with LeBron James.

Perkins admitted that he was terrified of facing LeBron in Game 7 of the 2008 playoffs, to the point that he wished his opponent would suffer a season-ending injury. 

“We played the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008 and it was a Game 7," the TV analyst said.

Points this season

Points made: 107,7
Accuracy: 46,8%
Place in standings: 25
Record max: 144
Record min: 82
Best scorer: Darius Garland

"We had just lost Game 6 and - I'm not gonna lie man - I was scared as hell going into that Game 7 against LeBron James.

This was the only time that I actually prayed that something happened to him at practice. I was like, 'Let us get breaking news that LeBron has tore his ACL or something.'" Perkins told Redick.

In the end, LeBron dropped 45 points on the Celtics in that Game 7 but they still managed to pull off the victory, as only one other Cavalier scored in double digits. LeBron wasn't actually able to get past those Celtics and their Big 3 until he formed his own Big 3 with the Miami Heat in 2010, after which he eliminated them in 2011 and 2012.

James and Perkins would actually end up being teammates with the Cavs years down the line in 2015.


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