Tomas Satoransky on working with Jasikevicius: 'I'm little crazy, too, sometimes'

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2022-07-04 20:17
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Credit FIBA

On Monday, FC Barcelona officially announced the signing of Tomas Satoransky, and after the win against Lithuania in the FIBA World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers, the Czech star had an opportunity to talk about his return to Europe.

"I am very happy to go to Barca, where I was before I was going to the NBA, it's a huge club that wants to win everything," the 30-year-old said in the press conference after the game against Lithuania.

"It's gonna be very ambitious, a lot of pressure, but I kinda like that challenge for the future. I am very happy to go back to European basketball because I feel like that's where I belong," added Satoransky. 

Tomas Satoransky

Tomas  Satoransky
Team: Washington Wizards
Czech Republic
Position: SG
Age: 30
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Birth place: Prague, Czech Republic

Satoransky has also revealed he's intrigued to join the team coached by a coach like Jasikevicius.

"We talked about what is needed, what I would probably bring to the team," said Satoransky.

"But what I liked about Barca under him [Sarunas Jasikevicius] is that share of the minutes is kinda equal, and the team plays with a lot of intensity. I think that's where we can bring me and Jan Vesely to the team," the Czech veteran continued.

Despite Barcelona not winning the EuroLeague or the Spanish ACB, Satoransky thought the team had a good season.

"He [Jasikevicius] talked about some ups and downs during the season, which caused them to lose some titles, but I think they had a great season overall," said Satoransky.

"They were dominating the EuroLeague, they were first in the ACB, but it's a long season, and you have to have toughness in the team, so I can hope I can bring a little bit of that," explained Satoransky.

"I am a little crazy too sometimes, or I need that kind of emotions that he [Jasikevicius] brings," said Satoransky.

"I never had a coach like that, and I think I was kinda missing that in my career. He changed so much in Barcelona, and he's so respected there," Satoransky concluded on the topic.

Satoransky also shared his thoughts about the importance of the win against Lithuania and his connection in the New Orleans Pelicans with Jonas Valanciunas.

"It's a special victory for us, I think we didn't win in Lithuania for 16 years," started Satoransky. "Obviously, you guys [Lithuania] miss a lot of stars and good players, but Lithuania is always strong," added Satoransky.

The Czech basketball star noted that it was an important win, allowing his team to advance to the next qualifiers' stage.

"This is a huge win for us, an important one that sends us to the next stage for World Cup qualifications, said the Czech guard.

"Like coach said, we played very well in the first half. The group that came from the bench gave us a lot of energy," Satoransky commented about the game.

Satoransky has also talked about the Czech team's confidence that comes from experience.

"Everything comes back natural to me when I go to the national team. We have been together for, I don't know, 10 years with some players," said the veteran.

"Obviously, we are confident with the results from the past, from the World Cup, going to the Olympics, and that kinda gives us that belief," Satoransky continued.

"That confidence we can win even in Lithuania, even tho we didn't win here for 16 years, so we have that confidence," added Satoransky.

The Czech national team leader has also talked about his leadership on the team.

"Every time I come to this group, I try to give them the energy, the leadership on and off the court, but it really helps me that everybody trusts me, so like I said, it's very natural to me," said Satoransky.

Satoransky also opened up about what he thinks about joining FC Barcelona under coach Sarunas Jasikevicius when asked about it.

When asked about his teammate Jonas Valanciunas from the previous season on the New Orleans Pelicans, the Czech guard had nice words to say.

"I had really tough times in New Orleans, and he [Jonas Valanciunas] was one of two players that helped me during that period when I didn't play much," Satoransky revealed.

"Europeans usually stick together, and we have many things in common that we could talk about. Usually, we hang out in restaurants," added Satoransky.

"I was glad I had him [Valanciunas] there, and I wish him good luck in the future in the NBA because I feel that he's a very special guy," Sotoransky concluded.

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