Dejan Tomasevic: 'It won't be a tragedy if Serbia doesn't go to World Cup'

2022-07-07 07:02
Credit: FIBA, KSS
Credit FIBA, KSS

Serbia finds itself in a difficult situation of the FIBA World Cup European Qualifiers.

With wins against Slovakia being annulled, Serbia is going to the Second Round with only one victory. They are also carrying through the two losses against Belgium and one over Latvia.

Considering their upcoming opponents are Greece, Turkey, and Great Britain, their position doesn't look too comfortable.

Nevertheless, according to former Serbian player Dejan Tomasevic, it wouldn't be the end of the world if Serbia doesn't earn a spot in the next World Cup.

"We should all believe and support the team with positive energy. It won't be a tragedy if we don't go to the FIBA World Cup 2023. It would be more useful to analyze why this happens. It's not just in basketball. We saw the same situation in water polo, where expectations were high. This is normal, but it would be better to see what's being done and see what's needed," Tomasevic explained to TV Prva.

On top of that, the EuroLeague champ in 2007 noted that support is crucial in this kind of situation.

"The budget of our federation is smaller than the national teams such as Israel, Hungary, or others, which aren't the biggest on the basketball map," he said. "At this moment, everyone blames coach Svetislav Pesic, the federation, and the players. For them, it is even more difficult.

If we want to be called a country that loves basketball, we should give them maximum support. The European Qualifiers continue and then we have EuroBasket 2022, where I think, it will be a better situation. I am sure that we will be among the favorites to win the gold medal," Tomasevic concluded.

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