Derrick Williams on joining Panathinaikos: 'I already feel the energy of the crowd'

2022-07-19 17:07
Credit: Vangelis Stolis
Credit Vangelis Stolis

In his first statements as a Panathinaikos OPAP Athens player, Derrick Williams expressed his excitement to join the team in an interview with

"I am very excited to be a member of one of the top teams in Europe," started the interview Williams.

"It was really a very easy decision for me as in the new season I will be where I want to be with my family," said Williams

3-pointers this season

Points made: 7,7
Accuracy: 33,2%
Place in standings: 15
Record max: 15
Record min: 1
Most made 3FGs: Nemanja Nedovic

"I think that Panathinaikos and Athens are an ideal destination for an athlete who plays in Europe", the forward added.

Williams emphasized the fans who welcomed him right after he signed with Panathinaikos.

"I am in Los Angeles, that is thousands of kilometers away from Athens and yet I can feel the energy of the team and its fans," said the American.

"The messages I receive on social media from the fans of Panathinaikos are countless," Williams revealed.

"I felt that love and energy before I even signed. I can't wait to come to Athens to experience all these emotions," added the forward.

The number 2 overall pick of the 2011 NBA draft had the experience to play at Panathinaikos home OAKA, but only as a visitor with Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv and FC Bayern Munich.

"I know well and as an opponent, I have felt the explosive atmosphere of OAKA," said Williams.

"I can't wait to experience it as a Panathinaikos player. To collect this energy and help the team get victories," the 31-year-old added.

Williams will rejoin forces with coach Dejan Radonjic with whom he worked at Bayern Munich in the 2018-19 season.

"I've worked with the coach before and I'm excited to meet him again," Williams said.

"The presence of Mr. Radonjic along with the team, the city, the people and my new teammates create excitement and impatience in me and made my decision easy," the 2.03-meters tall forward added.

When asked about his goals with the team, the American did not shy away from setting the bar high.

"Panathinaikos is a big team with big demands, always competitive that cannot help but have the highest goals," said the forward.

"To conquer the domestic titles and to reach the playoffs in the EuroLeague and then claiming the entry into the final 4," Williams did not shy away from naming the goals.

"But we have to go step by step, we have a lot of work ahead of us," the forward added.

At the end of the interview, Williams said he was eager to start working and contributing to the team.

"I want to show what I can do to help my team. It's not just scoring points, I can contribute in other areas with my energy and passion," Williams explained.

"I can't wait to start training and see our fans at OAKA," Williams concluded.


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