CSKA threaten Kevin Pangos to go to court

2022-07-28 11:55
Credit: USA Today Sports – Scanpix
Credit USA Today Sports – Scanpix

Canadian point guard Kevin Pangos officially landed in AX Armani Exchange Milan on a two-year deal. However, his off-season story might not end up there. 

On February 23, Pangos signed with CSKA Moscow until the summer of 2024, but his return to Europe did not happen due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Following such a sequence, CSKA released an official statement:

3-pointers this season

Points made: 9,9
Accuracy: 35,7%
Place in standings: 1
Record max: 17
Record min: 3
Most made 3FGs: Alexey Shved

"Kevin Pangos terminated the contract with CSKA Moscow unilaterally and accepted the offer of Olimpia Milan.

Pangos signed a three-year agreement with CSKA in February but did not appear in Russia.

The club is considering the possibility of going to court to receive the buyout provided by the contract with CSKA," the statement declares.

According to Aris Barkas of Eurohoops, Milan doesn't intend to pay a buyout for Pangos or Voigtmann. That's why the deals were completed before the end of the season but not announced.

Via Eurohoops, Milan addressed directly to FIBA asking the LOCs of the players.



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