Andre Iguodala makes bold statement on the original Dream Team

2022-08-01 17:15
Credit:čkus; REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine/File Photo
Creditčkus; REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine/File Photo

A few days ago, it was Draymond Green who sparked a debate when he claimed that the 2017 Golden State Warriors would defeat the 1996 Chicago Bulls.

Several versions of the Warriors' team have been compared to the 1996 Chicago Bulls. The 2016 Warriors beat the Bulls' 72-10 regular-season record but failed to win the championship.

Veteran forward Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner discussed the best teams in NBA history on the "Point Forward" podcast. Surprisingly, they both agreed that the '96 Bulls would have won the series against the 2017 Warriors. 

During that conversation, Iguodala argued that he would always pick a team with Michael Jordan on it to win over any competitor. However, there's one exception. 

"I'm picking the Bulls, I'm not even arguing with you because any team with Michael Jordan on it, I'm picking except for 2012 vs. the '92 Dream Team. I'm not picking the '92 team, I'm picking us even though the '92 team had MJ."

The 2012 squad was led by the likes of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and many more. The 1992 roster included legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing.

Both won gold medals at their respective Olympic Games - the original Dream Team in Barcelona in 1992 and Iguodala's Team USA in London 20 years later. 

After going back and forth with Evan Turner about the matchups and schemes, he further addressed the issue regarding the Bulls vs. Warriors controversy.

"I think we are a more talented team, I just think they were a higher level IQ team. The way we shoot the ball though is different though. We shoot the ball very well.

It will be interesting. I think that's one thing that's not viewed as much, we don't look deep into, is that they control the pace of the game. So yeah, the score was low but they were controlling the pace of the game.

They know how to limit your possessions, and the rules of the game have changed as well so you can get more possessions in. We all say, once you get to them finals, that two-point shot becomes real important, and they be acting like it's not important."

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