Partizan club clashes with basketball section: 'They are only waiting for payments'

2022-08-02 12:05
Credit: Star Sport
Credit Star Sport

Several days ago, Partizan NIS Belgrade president Ostoja Mijailovic questioned the work principles of the parent organization, claiming that with good management, all other sections of the club could live off of football's income.

Following his comments about the general state of the organization, the president of the entire Partizan sports institution, Milorad Vucelic, decided to respond.

"If Mijailovic knew anything about JSD (Jugoslovensko sportsko društvo Partizan - the general term for the entire organization) and if he cared about the facts, which he doesn't, he would have to say that there are 18 clubs-sections of the union with their premises at the Stadium in Humska, and among them, surprisingly, basketball, which does not pay any compensation for it, this is done exclusively by FK Partizan," Vucelic claimed in a public announcement.

"Clubs use the hall, fields, changing rooms, and athletics track, and all costs of stadium maintenance are borne by FK Partizan," he continued. "All this was paid and paid by the football club which is "in chaos" and which "does not operate properly", and in addition to all this, during the mandate of this administration, it donated hundreds of thousands of euros to the clubs gathered in the JSD."

Mijailovic claimed that the entire organization is in disarray. The interest of the club as a whole should be served first before the interests of any individuals, he told Serbian news outlet Kurir.

It is notable that the current president of the basketball section himself worked at the football club before switching his responsibilities.

"It is true that the clubs of Partizan have achieved worse results than expected in the last eight or nine years. Among them, to our sincere regret, is the famous basketball club Partizan, which, under the leadership of Ostoja Mijailovic, only managed to win three Serbian Cup competitions in the past five years, and in other competitions, it took fifth, fourth, seventh and second place," Vucelic wrote.

"Our results would probably have been much better if we had been able to bring more than four foreigners," he continued. "When it comes to basketball, the number of foreigners is significantly higher and ranges from six to ten foreigners per season since Mijailovic has been at the head of the club."

Mijailovic also invited former legends of the club to speak out about the issues with the team and join him in pursuit of changing the management of the legendary club.

"I don't know who it is and what kind of results Ostoj Mijailovic recommends to offer himself as a savior and reformer of FK Partizan and JSD Partizan and to give lessons to the management and talk and say what he says," the president of the entire organization wrote.

Earlier in July, Mijaiilovic revealed that the basketball club has 649.7 million dinars (around €5.5 million) in tax debt. According to the president, they are going to be resolved by offering agricultural land as collateral.

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