Vasilije Micic: 'I really don't think I need to prove myself in NBA'

2022-08-05 09:40
Credit: Erikas OvĨarenko/BNS
Credit Erikas OvĨarenko/BNS

One of the Serbian national team leaders Vasilije Micic remembered the earlier offseason developments regarding his NBA possibility. The Anadolu Efes Istanbul star talked about his views on the possibility to join NBA and the national team to the Sport Klub.

Micic recently joined Serbia's preparations for the upcoming EuroBasket, which will commence from September 1 to 18, as well as qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup.

He is expected to lead the national team out of a complicated situation after the July defeats to Latvia and Belgium, which made the remaining path to the 2023 World Cup difficult, to say the least.

Vasilije Micic

Vasilije  Micic
Position: PG, SG
Age: 28
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Birth place: Kraljevo, Serbia

"It is important that we gathered such a good team, which was only spoiled by Bogdanovic's injury," said Micic.

"We also had enough rest, and so did our teammates from the NBA, although that is never enough because the seasons in Europe are also quite tiring," the Serbian star continued.

"We are fresh and ready for everything that lies ahead," Micic added.

"Even though the European Championship is a strong competition, we must first think about the extremely important matches against Greece and Turkey," said Micic, who is focusing on the World Cup qualifiers first.

There were considerations for Micic to go to the NBA in the upcoming season, but ultimately the Serbian guard decided to stay with Anadolu Efes

"July 20 was the deadline for me to leave. I stayed with Efes, but even before that, I was calm because I had already made up my mind," revealed Micic.

"I felt a slight mistrust from the direction of the strongest league in the world, which they have towards many, not only me. Unless you're Nikola Jokic or Luka Doncic," said Micic.

"I really don't think I need to prove myself there [NBA]," said Micic. "The current situation is good for me. If I go to the NBA one day, it will happen, or it won't," he added.

Micic did not want to talk about chances to qualify for the World Cup and was focused on the next official game vs Greece.

"First Greece, then everything else. My head is already in the qualifications," Micic concluded.

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