Sergio Scariolo after defeat against Greece: 'Team has never thrown in the towel'

2022-08-09 20:14
Credit: Federación Española de Baloncesto
Credit Federación Española de Baloncesto

Spain's national team head coach Sergio Scariolo appeared at a press conference in OAKA to talk about Spain's defeat against Greece with the final score of 86-70 in the first preparation match for the EuroBasket 2022.

Scariolo acknowledged that they faced one of the best teams in European basketball.

"It was a very interesting game. We have played against one of the best teams in the competition [EuroBasket], which belongs to the group that everyone expects on the podium," said Scariolo.

Despite the crowd at OAKA being hostile towards Spain, Scariolo said that he liked the setting.

"It has also been a beautiful setting, the arena filled with great support for the home team," said Spain's national team coach.

"Surely the first quarter has helped us a lot to understand that we have to take a step forward on a physical and contact level to counteract the physical superiority of rivals like this," Scariolo shared his thoughts on where Spain has to improve.

"Until Giannis Anteokoumpo appeared in the last quarter to make the difference, I think we did some interesting things. We have played harder," Scariolo saw some positivity in the defeat.

The Italian coach emphasized the physical advantage that Greece had.

"Many of our players physically have other conditions compared to most of our rivals and we have to find other formulas to compete," said the coach.

"I don't think there is a chemistry issue, because the players know each other from the league and the windows. My team is cohesive and we tried to match Greece's superiority in terms of bodies and readiness," continued the Italian coach.

Scariolo was not upset with the game despite the loss, as his team competed and never gave up.

"We have done it, we have competed, the team has never thrown in the towel, it has entered the last quarter with options," Scariolo said.

"We have things to learn on the one hand and also things to build on, quite a few," Spain's national team coach concluded. 


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