Goran Dragic after first preparation game with NT: 'A lot of reasons to be back'

Uygar Karaca
2022-08-12 20:20
Credit: Slovenian Basketball Federation (KZS)/alesfevzer.com
Credit Slovenian Basketball Federation (KZS)/alesfevzer.com

Goran Dragic played his first game with the national team in the preparation cycle and hit a game-winning 3-pointer in overtime to give Slovenia the victory against Turkey in a friendly game in Istanbul.

After the game, Dragic who ended up with 28 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists, answered some questions in an interview.

"I feel awesome. I missed that a lot. The last game I played for Slovenia was here in Istanbul. It is an unbelievable feeling," said Dragic.

"I'm older now at 36 so the legs are not so fresh but I still enjoy playing basketball. Happy to be back with my national team," Dragic added.

When asked what were the factors behind his come back to the national team, he emphasized Radoslav Nesterovic, who is the general secretary of the Slovenian basketball federation.

"A lot of reasons to be back. First of all Rasho Nesterovic, he is like family to me.  He is the godfather of my daughter," Dragic explained.

"And of course my brother Luka [Doncic]. I have to say they were on my ass, insisting I needed to come back," Dragic revealed.

Dragic also talked about the game, which did not have a friendly game's atmosphere.

"The game was awesome. It was ups and downs for both teams. I have to congragulate Turkey,  I think they have all 5 positions covered," said the 36-year-old.

"Both teams played hard. They gonna be very good. Thoughest Eurobasket so far with all those high quality players coming," said Dragic.

"Turkey is always scary like that, one of the best [fans]. Clubs or international, do not matter. Of course, it is hard to be on the other side," Dragic concluded.


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