Stephen Curry trademarks his Night Night phrase

2022-08-19 09:51

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Stephen Curry's Night Night phrase has morphed into a business opportunity.

Curry's company SC30, Inc. filed a trademark application paperwork on June 26th for the phrase to be used in footwear and apparel. In addition, it can be used in as many as 35 applications, including things such as bedding, alcoholic beverages, travel mugs and even boxing gloves.

Following the 2022 NBA Finals, the company actually launched a sale of "Night. Night" t-shirts that sold out in a matter of minutes.

"The first time I did it was Game 3, in Denver. It happened quick, and it was one of those situations where you were back in the playoff vibe," Curry remembered the beginnings with BoardRoom TV. "Down the stretch in the fourth quarter, we got a stop, and I was just talking to myself: 'Put 'em to sleep. Put 'em to sleep."

"Then, I had finished that layup underneath Jokic, and that was the thought that came out – just to do the sign. I didn’t say, 'Night Night' at the time," the guard recalled. "Fast forward to Game 5, when I made the last layup to go up five with 19 seconds left. That was the official 'Put them to sleep'. The camera didn’t get me on that one, but I actually said it. "

The phrase has been a big part of basketball culture in the entire world ever since with players from various backgrounds using it during or after the games. Most notably, at least in Europe, it was used during the U18 Women's European Championship when the entire Lithuanian team 'fell asleep' on the podium after winning gold in the tournament.

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