John Wall remembers tough times: 'I thought about committing suicide'

2022-08-30 08:59

John Wall thought about committing suicide after tearing his Achilles and losing both his mother and grandmother while dealing with COVID-19 at the same time. He sought help and encourages everyone to do it.

Credit: 2021 Getty Images-SCANPIX
Credit 2021 Getty Images-SCANPIX

John Wall's journey in the NBA has been a rollercoaster. From one of the biggest stars in the league to a player that's been recently forgotten, he has been through it all.

Talking at his John Wall Foundation event with the Salvation Army, the new Los Angeles Clippers guard remembered a time in his past when everything could have ended tragically.

"The darkest place I've ever been in. At one point in time, I thought about committing suicide," Wall remembered. "I tore my Achilles, my mom being sick, my mom passing [away], my grandma passing [away] a year later - all this in the midst of COVID at the same time."

John Wall

John  Wall
Position: PG
Age: 31
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Birth place: United States of America

"Me going to the chemotherapy, me seeing my mom take her last breath and wearing the same clothes for three days straight laying on the couch beside her," he continued. "All of those sacrifices and having a great supporting family behind me, my team, the mother of my kids has been great, my two boys are my motivation for me."

Wall's injury history dates back all the way to 2012 when he missed 33 games during the season. Later, his 2018-19 season was ended due to a heel injury and a subsequent surgery. A few weeks after the procedure, the guard partially ruptured his Achilles after a fall at home.

The Achilles surgery later revealed that Wall had developed an infection from his heel surgery which also required additional treatment. Wall went on to miss the entire 2019-20 season.

"Looking at all of that, I'm like 'if I can get through this, I can get through anything in life'. I don't like to brag about it, everybody goes through something, we all went through tough times, nobody has it easy but I don't think a lot of people could get through what I went through," Wall said.

"At this time, I needed to go find a therapist. A lot of people think 'I don't need help, I can get through it at any time' but you have to be true to yourself and find out what's best for you, and I did that," the player advised.

After being forced to sit out the season with the Houston Rockets, Wall will now have the ability to showcase his talent once again, this time with the Los Angeles Clippers, with whom he signed a 2-year, $13.2 million deal after his contract was bought out.

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