Slovenia forced to travel to the game against Lithuania with taxis

2022-09-01 14:06

Slovenian national team had to take taxis to the game against Lithuania because the team bus did not arrive.

Credit: KSS

The matchup between Slovenia and Lithuania is probably the most attention-seeking in the entire Day 1 of EuroBasket 2022.

However, before the match even began, there were some difficulties experienced by one of the teams.

The Slovenian Basketball Federation (KSS) posted a video on social media of their players taking taxis to the game against their Group B rival.

Player of the Game
Mike  Tobey
Mike Tobey
Points 24
Accuracy 11-17
Rebounds 8
Assists 1

The Federation claimed that the team bus that was supposed to pick the players up did not arrive, and they had to take drastic measures in order to appear at the game on time.

Even Goran Dragic took to social media to talk about the situation. "Good job EuroBasket. No organized bus to a game for European champions," he wrote on Twitter. "At least we got local taxi after 20 minutes."

Per BasketNews sources, their trip to the Lanxess arena was postponed by 15 minutes, and Slovenian players started the pregame warmup on time with Lithuanians.


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