FIBA reportedly suspends 3 Lithuania-Germany game referees from EuroBasket

2022-09-05 11:43

The three referees of the Lithuania-Germany game will not participate in any other game this EuroBasket.

Credit: FIBA
Credit FIBA

The three referees of the Lithuania-Germany game will not call the matches again in this EuroBasket, according to George Zakkas of

Italian Manuel Mazzoni and two Poles, Wojciech Liszka and Michal Proc, worked in the Lithuania-Germany contest.

During yesterday's duel in Cologne, Lithuanian star Jonas Valanciunas drew Maodo Lo's foul and was rewarded with 2 free throws. Seconds later, Germany's head coach Gordon Herbert received a technical foul.

According to FIBA rules, the free throw for the technical foul is supposed to be attempted before the two shots for the shooting foul. However, only the two free throws for the regular foul were taken, with Valanciunas missing both of them and the Germans grabbing the rebound.

Lithuania lost the game 107-109 after a double-overtime thriller, meaning that one free throw could have changed the game's outcome.

Lithuania forward Mindaugas Kuzminskas confirmed post-game that Lithuania's staff tried to warn the officials, but nothing was done.

"Their coach or their bench received a technical, and we did not receive that shot," Lithuanian forward Mindaugas Kuzminskas said after the game. "After our coaches started protesting, the commissioner just sat there all red and did nothing."

After the losing effort, Lithuania filled the protest, but FIBA deemed it inadmissible as the protest was delivered outside the designated time of 60 minutes after the game. 

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