Tarpey reveals Lithuanian roots, Fournier praises unusual support

Donatas Urbonas
Senior Staff Writer
2022-09-06 15:12

French national team star Evan Fournier was thankful to Lithuanian fans for their support in the game vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina, while Terry Tarpey revealed he has Lithuanian roots.

Credit: FIBA

The French national team had exceptional support in the stands for the game against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnians' victory would have eliminated Lithuania from the EuroBasket 2022, so hundred of Lithuanian fans were supporting team France.

From the middle of the second quarter, they started changing "France! France!" and boosted them to a tight win vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 81-68.

French players enjoyed this experience.

Evan Fournier encouraged Lithuanian fans to make even more noise after increasing the lead against Bosnia & Herzegovina 68-63 with 3:56 to play.

Terry Tarpey also boosted the Lithuanians after a fastbreak dunk.

Lithuanian fans chanted "Merci! Merci!" when France was closing the game.

"It was awesome. I'm sure they googled how to say thank you before the game," Fournier smiled.

"Obviously, they had their reasons. But I thought it was good sportsmanship," he added.

France had a sloppy start but later turned the game around. According to Fournier, the Lithuanian fans helped them to fire up on the court.

"When you play especially energy, you lack the energy to start the game. There weren't a lot of fans in the stands. And then you have fans pushing you... I've been saying this for years, but Lithuanian fans are probably the best in Europe. They really cheer for their team."

"It was cool. My grandfathers are Lithuanian. I'm glad I could help them out," one of the French team surprises, Terry Tarpey, revealed he had more reasons to win the game.

"I don't know too much. My grandparent is Lithuanian. That's the only connection I have," he added.

"It was kind of expected," Tarpey said about Lithuanians' support. "I knew that we had to beat Bosnia for Lithuania to have a chance to move on. Lithuania is a great team. It would be a shame to see them go out on the group stage."

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