Luka Doncic fights a trademark control battle with his mother

2022-09-07 21:11

Luka Doncic is trying to revoke control of the trademark "Luka Doncic 7" from his mother Mirjam Poterbin. The player has filed a petition with the US Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the registration of the trademark.

Credit: FIBA
Credit FIBA

Luka Doncic is one of the brightest basketball stars in the world. However, the Slovenian superstar is fighting another battle outside the basketball court now.

According to NBA journalist Marc Stein, Doncic has filed a petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the registration of the trademark "Luka Doncic 7", which is currently owned by his mother.

Ever since he became the global superstar that he now is, Doncic has been fighting to regain control of his name and likeness.

Luka Doncic

Luka  Doncic
Position: SG
Age: 23
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Birth place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

"I have a lot to look forward to as I continue to grow as a player and a person and it’s important to me to control my own brand and focus on giving back to my communities," the player said to Stein.

Doncic initially tried to register "Luka Doncic" as a trademark but it was dismissed due to the existing "Luka Doncic 7" trademark.

Doncic's mother, Mirjam Poterbin, is in control of the current trademark. Luka gave his consent to Poterbin during his debut season in the NBA (2018-19) and has been trying to gain control back during recent years. It even escalated to a point where Doncic had to provide written notice.

The filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office confirms that Doncic does not affiliate himself with the "Luka Doncic 7" brand and disapproves of any goods, services, or suggestions that it may produce to be associated with him.

Conflicting trademarks currently prevent Doncic from gaining full control over his name, brand, and charitable foundation. 

"As Luka continues to grow into a smart young businessman, he is simply making sure he has full control of his brand. But his focus here is 100 percent on this EuroBasket," Secretary General of the Slovenian Basketball Federation, Rasho Nesterovic, told Stein.

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