Gianmarco Pozzecco: 'It's probably the best game in Italian basketball history'

Lukas Malinauskas
Staff Writer
2022-09-11 19:43

Gianmarco Pozzecco described Italy's victory against Serbia as the best match in the history of Italian basketball.

Credit: FIBA

Gianmarco Pozzecco went crazy in the dying seconds between Italy and Serbia, when every second brought Italy nearer to a fantastic win over the EuroBasket 2022 favorites.

The Italian specialist was ejected at the end of the third quarter and had to watch the Round of 16 drama from the sidelines.

Emotions took over: coach cried after being sent off, and appeared in the tunnel at the very end of the fourth quarter. Pozzecco fell to his knees ecstatic and rushed to the court despite those, who tried to stop him.

Player of the Game
Marco  Spissu
Marco Spissu
Points 22
Accuracy 7-11
Rebounds 4
Assists 6

A 94-86 win over Serbia sent Pozzecco's Italy into the quarterfinals against France.

"We shocked the world!" Pozzecco shouted several times surrounded by journalists. "We did an amazing job against a great team."

After the historical victory, Pozzecco met Lithuanian journalists and immediately tried to find a close comparison to express his emotions. The specialist reminded Lithuania's defeat in the 2004 Olympic semifinal, after which Italy won the silver medal.

"It's probably the best match in the history of Italian basketball," Pozzecco revealed. "The second comes a semifinal in 2004 when I was still playing in Athens. Everyone considers the latter match as the best in history, but tonight's game was much better. We played with heart.

You could see twelve players, who gave their 100% and won against the best team. Probably the best not only in the history of Serbian basketball, but in general, of all time. I haven't seen a player like Jokic who is also a great person like Giannis Antetokounmpo. I have to say it because it's the truth."

Pozzecco met Giannis during his warm-up, before the match against the Czech Republic, and jumped into the Milwaukee superstar's arms.


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