Germany's coach cracks jokes, reveals Schroder asked for his credit card after win against Greece

Jonas Miklovas
2022-09-13 22:15

After a huge win against Greece in EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinal, German national team head coach Gordon Herbert said Dennis Schroder asked for his credit card and was cracking jokes about having a cold beer.

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After a huge win against Greece in EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinal, German national team head coach Gordon Herbert was in good spirits.

During the press conference, the 63-year-old was asked if he would celebrate the victory with a glass of wine as he promised earlier. Herbert played along and cracked a joke, making the whole room laugh. 

"I know one thing – I won't give my credit card to the players," Herbert joked. "I prefer a cold beer right now. Dennis [Schroder] wanted my credit card, but I said, 'I've been divorced three times, you won't like the limit on it.'"

Player of the Game
Dennis  Schroder
Dennis Schroder
Points 26
Accuracy 8-15
Rebounds 3
Assists 8

Talking about the game, Herbert praised his team for the second half performance.

"Offensively, we were pretty good for 40 minutes," Herbert said about the victory. "I thought that the real key [to the win] was the second half. Especially the first 15 minutes of the second half with our defense."

"We got our transition defense better, we rebounded better. I thought those were huge keys. Let's give a lot of credit to the players. After the first half, they came to the locker room with a mission," the German national team head coach added.

Herbert was also happy about what this victory and Germany reaching the EuroBasket semifinal means for the country's basketball.

"I think it's unbelievable for German basketball. The way this team and players performed on their home soil… The way we played, people can relate to, and they've seen our identity. Identity is one thing we set out to establish right away. 

We still have two games. We set ourselves to win a medal. People looked at me like I was a little crazy back then, but this is still what we're looking for," Herbert concluded.

Germany will face Spain in the first EuroBasket semifinal on Friday at 18:00 CET.

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