Sergio Scariolo ahead of semis: 'Germany is the best EuroBasket team so far'

2022-09-15 15:45

Sergio Scariolo believes it will be a very tough fight against Germany, with the focal point being individual defense.

Credit: FIBA

Spain will play the EuroBasket 2022 semifinal game against Germany on Friday (at 20:30 CEST). Ahead of the upcoming challenge, Sergio Scariolo analyzed Spain's rivals and noted what the main keys may be.

"There is a feeling of satisfaction for what has been done so far by being among the Top 4 teams in such quality and demanding championship as this one. At the same time, we are eager to continue competing," started Scariolo, via Gigantes.

"Germany is the best team so far, not only because of the strength they have but because of how they have played. They are playing at home, which is another important factor. There will be a hostile environment that will put a lot of pressure on the players and referees," continued the Italian specialist.

"It is a new challenge and it's not going to be easy. We have to prepare and compete with everything we have. We know that if we go to the basketball court with 80%, it will not be enough.

The main aspect of the match will be an individual defense. We can't let them drag us into the paint and assert their physical superiority, because we're going to have a really bad time."

Team captain Rudy Fernandez, who was crucial in Spain's quarterfinal victory against Finland with 11 points and 5 steals, mentioned that the semifinal game will be about a team effort.

"It's a pity that we don't have Pau [Gasol] to score 40 points. Nevertheless, we have to enjoy this moment. We don't know if this group will be back. As a captain, I say that this team deserves the chance because they are working with humility.

I think it would be an incredible prize to get a medal. We started with 24 players, almost a football squad, but now the team is here and these guys deserve something good," Fernandez pointed out.

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