European basketball stars react to Spain reaching EuroBasket final

2022-09-17 06:07

Well-known European basketball names congratulated Spain on their achievement to reach the EuroBasket 2022 final.

Credit: FIBA

There is one crucial rule in international basketball – never write off the Spanish national team.

Although Spain was not among the favorites to win a medal before FIBA EuroBasket 2022, Sergio Scariolo managed to navigate Spain to their sixth continental final in the 21st century.

Under coach Scariolo, Spain won the gold four times in 9 FIBA competitions. He led Spain to the top of the podium in three consecutive EuroBasket.

Player of the Game
Lorenzo  Brown
Lorenzo Brown
Points 29
Accuracy 11-17
Rebounds 2
Assists 6

They went for medals on 7 of 9 occasions.

This time, Lorenzo Brown scored 29 points against Germany and propelled Spain to EuroBasket 2022 final, where Scariolo's men will fight France for a European crown.

"Don Lorenzo Brown," tweeted Croatian star Mario Hezonja after the match. It was an appreciation tweet for Brown, who went from being the most unlikable person on the Spanish national team due to his naturalization to being the leader in clutch situations and the example to follow.

"Big heart from Spain, huge respect!" another new Real Madrid signing, Dzanan Musa, tweeted behind the semifinal.

"Long live Spain! Incredibles," wrote EuroLeague star, Walter Tavares.

Alberto Abalde described the semis' result as "Brutal", while long-time Spanish national team member, Sergio Rodriguez, who finished his NT career at Tokyo Olympics last summer, wished his friends a gold medal.

"What a game! Congratulations, team! Go for the gold medal!" El Chacho posted a supporting message on social media.

"What a great team!" wrote another Spanish veteran, Sergio Llull, adding a team photo. The 34-year-old is missing EuroBasket 2022 due to the pre-tournament injury of his muscle.

Spanish basketball legends -- Pau Gasol and Felipe Reyes -- didn't miss an opportunity to congratulate Spain on an incredible achievement, either.

"Pride, pride and more pride! Congratulations on this final, team!" Pau tweeted.

"Let's go! You have done it again! You are the host!" added Felipe Reyes.

One of the main factors behind the success on the court, Rudy Fernandez, shared a thankful message for his team as well.

"Thanks, family. I feel very grateful to be by your side! You have balls, so you deserve everything [what you achieved]! We continue, right?"

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