Darko Peric talks Spanish NT, Badalona's Rodman and new basketball series

2022-09-17 09:26

Darko Peric believes the 22-year-old Joel Parra is one of the most promising European players.

Credit: AFP, Sean Thornton/Cover Images-Scanpix, FIBA
Credit AFP, Sean Thornton/Cover Images-Scanpix, FIBA

A famous actor and a basketball lover, Darko Peric, traveled to Berlin to watch the promising Germany-Spain semifinal that delivered a ton of emotions in the end.

The Spanish national team overcame their opponents by denying the pre-tournament predictions of basketball experts. Spain made it to the sixth EuroBasket final in the 21st century.

Peric, who is best known for playing Helsinki in the Spanish crime thriller series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), told Mundo Deportivo that "Spain won the game because of their desire and Sergio Scariolo's great experience at the helm of the team."

"No one expected that Spain would go so far because the team is going through a generational change and is in a moment of transition. They lack experience, but they have a coach Scariolo, who achieves great results. They are a team with a lot of enthusiasm and that has taken them to the final," expanded the Serbian actor.

Moreover, he confessed that he has a soft spot for the Joventut Badalona talent Joel Parra, who didn't appear on the court in yesterday's semifinal. 

Peric saw this power forward playing at Joventut's arena multiple times and considers him one of the most promising European players.

"I follow him a lot and I think he has something different. I gave him the nickname of 'Badalona's Dennis Rodman' because he reminds me a lot of the American basketball star," Peric explained.

The Serbian celebrity also highlighted Jaime Pradilla, who "has a great future ahead of him", and Xabi Lopez-Arostegui, who "never fails to deliver when he is needed the most."

Darko Peric also talked about his sphere. The actor pointed out that there are currently no Spanish films about basketball and that he is working on a project to fill this gap.

"I think it's a shame. We are talking about reigning world champions, and Spain has no basketball movies. I have been in Spain for 18 years and I have not seen a production based on basketball," he stressed.

"I have a producer friend in Barcelona. We want to make a basketball series where a female coach will be the protagonist," Peric brought his project to light.

"In basketball, there are many top-quality female specialists like Becky Hammon [former San Antonio Spurs' assistant]. She is a star.

The idea is that I play an antagonistic role, be 'the bad guy' and play a Serbian coach," Darko Peric further revealed and concluded the topic.


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