MVP Schroder & Noise Around Lorenzo Brown (URBONUS podcast)

2022-09-17 16:20

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas & Rytis Vysniauskas discuss what led Spain to the EuroBasket finals, how different Dennis Schroder deserved the MVP award, and why the noise around Lorenzo Brown should stop.


  • How Rytis bought merch in Berlin (00:00);
  • A huge boost for France before the final (2:35);
  • Spain keys to victory over Germany (6:32);
  • A weird moment with Dennis Schroder (10:40);
  • Pieces that made Spain a title contender (15:15);
  • Who will become the EuroBasket MVP (22:10);
  • Different Schroder (28:50);
  • If Giannis, Jokic & Luka will return to FIBA competitions (35:47);
  • For or against Lorenzo Brown’s naturalization (39:15);
  • The difference between EuroLeague & FIBA referees (52:51);
  • Misunderstanding with some Turkish fans (56:00);
  • Why it’s easier to get technical than coffee in Berlin (1:03:20).

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