Bismack Biyombo deletes controversial tweet about France after facing backlash

2022-09-17 19:56

Bismack Biyombo's controversial tweet about France's multicultural roster didn't go down well, forcing the Congolese center to delete it and explain himself. 

Credit: Scanpix/FIBA
Credit Scanpix/FIBA

As France and Spain are ready to lock horns on Sunday night in the EuroBasket final game, the fixture provoked a strange comment from Bismack Biyombo.

It all started with Nicolas Batum, who has obviously fought countless battles against the Spaniards, jokingly referring to the 'inevitability' of the two teams battling it out in the gold medal game.

In his Twitter post, Batum posted the two country's flags with the observation: "And we really thought we could have something different?"

In response to this good-natured and smiling tweet, Bismack Biyombo thought it was a good idea to respond with a tweet that led the debate to rather awkward territory.

"In my eyes, I only see Spain vs Africa. I won't say more," the Suns big man replied, adding a laughing emoji.

Of course, the Congolese did not shy away from harshly criticizing the French team, however, his post would quickly set social networks on fire. Many accused him of racism, to which Biyombo responded after deleting his first tweet:

"Come on guys, you can't be serious. I understand this is sensitive for some but it was nothing but a joke. I have friend and ex teammates that are French and from somewhere in Africa or have both passport! Honestly is was nothing but a joke.. Let’s just stop here."

It was a very peculiar comment from a player who is not used to being very controversial. At least, Evan Fournier was definitely not offended by Biyombo's take. 

"We know, Bis. Don't worry," the French guard assured the 30-year-old NBA veteran. 

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