Evan Fournier on lack of French fans: 'It was too expensive to come'

2022-09-19 06:04

Evan Fournier praised Spain for sticking to their gameplan and complimented Juancho Hernangomez for his performance. In the end, he was disappointed to see empty seats in the arena.

Credit: FIBA

Evan Fournier scored 23 points in the final match against Spain in EuroBasket 2022 but it was not enough to bring gold to his country.

France struggled throughout the entire match while Sergio Scariolo's team looked younger, faster, and more disciplined.

"They have a system, they play great as a team. They put their strengths first, they don't try to do something they can't do," the player commented after the game. "They always play as a team, they always have someone who can create, maybe it's a surprise that they won the gold medal but they are the best team and I congratulate them for that."

Player of the Game
Juan  Hernangomez
Juan Hernangomez
Points 27
Accuracy 9-11
Rebounds 5
Assists 0

The French could not stop Juancho Hernangomez who converted 7 triples out of 9, most of them during clutch moments, reminiscent of his character in Hustle, Bo Cruz.

"He is a good player, a great shooter. He didn't shoot that well during the tournament, but when you hit a few shots, you gain confidence, and then it's hard to stop you," Fournier praised Juancho.

This is yet another loss for France against Sergio Scariolo's Spain. Overall, French head coach Vincent Collet is now 0-6 against the Italian specialist in the knockout stage of FIBA competitions. 

"I will remember the championship by the defeat, simply... it is difficult. I don't know how I'll feel in 10 years, but now I feel disappointed," Fournier summarized.

Before the final, Fournier openly invited French fans to come and support the national team in the final. However, more than a thousand seats were left empty in the last game of the tournament.

"It was too expensive to come," the player gave his reasoning.

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