Sports world reacts to Spain's triumph: 'You are a machine!'

2022-09-19 08:19

Stars from Rafa Nadal and Jules Kounde to Andres Nocioni and Mike James congratulated Spain for their incredible achievement.

Credit: Federación Española de Baloncesto
Credit Federación Española de Baloncesto

The Spanish national team captured the gold medal yesterday against France in the final of EuroBasket 2022. Both during the game and moments after, the sports world reacted to the incredible achievement of the roster that wasn't expected to even make it to the quarterfinals.

Former Spanish players and players who competed in Spanish clubs began the round of applause for the team.

"Congratulations, Spain," Pablo Prigioni tweeted. "You are a competition machine!"

Player of the Game
Juan  Hernangomez
Juan Hernangomez
Points 27
Accuracy 9-11
Rebounds 5
Assists 0

Jose Manuel Calderon, meanwhile, praised the competitive spirit of the group: "Another European Championship! What a team! What a way to compete!"

Another Argentinian, Andres Nocioni, made his name in Spain, finishing his career there, becoming EuroLeague champion in 2015. Moments after the final whistle, Chapu took to Twitter to express his joy.

"Amazing Spain! A master of the game," Nocioni wrote. "Impeccable technical work and also an unmatched competitive heart! Congratulations to the whole team."

Current players also joined in. Kendrick Perry, who played for the Montenegrin national team in the tournament and had a chance to compete against Spain in the group stage, congratulated the team as well.

"I said Spain had the most depth in all the teams of this Eurobasket, and it showed tonight," Perry tweeted. "Cervezas para todos when you guys get back!"

AS Monaco superstar Mike James, meanwhile, highlighted the importance of the role that Lorenzo Brown played on the roster.

"Happy for Zo, honestly. Was rooting for France, but Zo gets all the praise, especially for all the hate he got when he joined," James wrote. "To go out and have a tournament like he did is elite level."

Player Miro Bilan was reminded of Bo Cruz when he was watching Juancho Hernangomez make triple after triple in the final. Edy Tavares, Filipe Reyes, and even football star Jules Kounde reacted to the Hernangomez brother's spectacular performance on the grandest stage.

Spain's triumph did not slip past probably the biggest Spanish sports superstar in the world as well. Tennis legend Rafael Nadal congratulated the national team on Twitter, sharing their achievement with his almost 16 million followers.

Luka Doncic, who didn't get to play in the final rounds of the tournament due to being sensationally eliminated by Poland, sent his congratulations to the country where he made his name as a basketball genius.

"Incredible Spain, congratulations guys!"

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