Dejan Bodiroga: 'It's time to take the EuroLeague to the next level'

2022-09-21 07:29

The new president of the EuroLeague, Dejan Bodiroga spoke at the Annual Meeting with the ELPA Player Representatives with the hopes to lift the competition to new heights.

Credit: EuroLeague
Credit EuroLeague

The new president of the EuroLeague, Dejan Bodiroga, recognized the growth of the EuroLeague competition during the Annual Meeting with the ELPA Player Representatives.

"After 22 years in which we have seen this league grow, the time has come to take it to the next level. This is a new beginning, and you are a fundamental piece in the future evolution of the competition", said Bodiroga on Tuesday in Barcelona during the Annual Meeting with the ELPA Player Representatives.

The event brought together the executives of EuroLeague Basketball and the players of the 18 clubs around the numerous initiatives that are being carried out to improve the competition.

Dejan Bodiroga

Dejan  Bodiroga
Position: SF
Age: 49
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Birth place: Zrenjanin, Serbia

"The players are the true stars of the game, and we will continue to work to raise your profile, on and off the pitch. I want to wish you and all your teammates a healthy and successful season", said the new EuroLeague president to the players at the meeting.

Joining Bodiroga was CEO Marshall Glickman, opening Tuesday's meeting with a discussion of ways to improve the EuroLeague's standing, boost basketball's place in the entertainment market, and make a positive impact.

"The voice of the players must be the most important. This is a league of players. That's what people pay for, to see them and not just play. They want to see and feel some connection, and that's really important," Glickman added.

Valencia Basket shooting guard Martin Herrmannsson praised the EuroLeague and was happy with the opportunity to play in the competition.

"All the basketball players in Europe want to play in the EuroLeague, so we have to understand the situation we find ourselves in," said Hermansson.

"We are blessed and happy to be in this situation, and we have to take advantage of that opportunity," Valencia player added.

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