Alex Abrines: 'Something smells bad about Pablo Laso's departure'

2022-09-25 05:34

Alex Abrines did not agree with the firing of Pablo Laso. The player thinks the style in which Real Madrid will play the upcoming season will not change.

Credit: Scanpix Baltics, AFP - Scanpix
Credit Scanpix Baltics, AFP - Scanpix

Even though Pablo Laso coached Real Madrid for 11 years, the club decided to part ways with the long-time coach this summer, citing concerns for his health after a heart attack and a subsequent hospitalization in June.

It became one of the biggest stories in European club basketball this offseason with both players and coaches commenting about the situation.

At the start of September, Laso himself gave an extended interview to Marca about the situation and claimed that the doctors told him he was better off after the procedures than before them. Even before, the coach gave several interviews stating that his ability to coach was never undermined.

Alejandro Abrines

Alejandro  Abrines
Team: FC Barcelona
Position: SF, SG
Age: 29
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Birth place: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Although he plays for a rival team, FC Barcelona forward Alex Abrines followed the story closely. 

"There is something that smells bad with his departure," Abrines said to Marca. "What surprised me about his departure were the ways."

"He had to go out and deny his health problems," the player wondered.

After Laso's departure, the head coaching position in Real Madrid was transferred to his long-time assistant coach Chus Mateo. Having been previously coached with Mateo, Abrines was sure there won't be any drastic changes in the style of play Real possess.

"I was with him in Malaga. He has been at Madrid for many years and I don't think the team's style of play will change seeing that he has shared so much with Laso and his players," the player explained.

Real Madrid easily defeated Real Betis in the Spanish SuperCup semifinal yesterday, while Barca had to struggle against Joventut Badalona until a dominant push in the second half ensured a comfortable win.

The eternal rivals will meet in the final today at 18:30 CET.


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