Omer Yurtseven explains why he didn't join the Turkish NT for EuroBasket

2022-09-29 05:20

Omer Yurtseven, who was heavily criticized by Turkish NT coach Ergin Ataman for missing the recent EuroBasket, laid down the reasons that led him to this decision. 

Credit: FIBA
Credit FIBA

Omer Yurtseven received a lot of backlash from coach Ergin Ataman for not joining the Turkish NT for EuroBasket.

"Come to EuroBasket to play, since it's being followed by many NBA scouts. What are you doing in Miami?" Ataman asked in an interview with

The Turkish coach thinks that some agents who work in the States have had a bad influence on the player.

"Omer came and played at the July windows, without any trouble. But two days before the start of preparation, his agent sent a message that the player wants to work individually to improve and be ready for next season with the Miami Heat. This is all bull***t, that's what I think," the two-time EuroLeague-winning coach stressed. 

In view of future events and tournaments, Ataman is willing to take Yurtseven back, provided that he issues an apology.

"He is a young athlete, who made a wrong decision. If he comes and apologizes to the Turkish people, then we will think about it. No one can say, 'I'm not coming this year, I'm coming next year.' It's not up to them. So if he doesn't apologize, he won't be in the next big competitions," Ataman clarified.

Now, the 24-year-old has decided to go public and justify his absence. Yurtseven, who has been playing in the NBA since last year, decided to reject the national team as he wanted to lose some weight. 

"I had to lower my fat levels to be more mobile. I got to 6.5 percent fat in my body and I need to lower it. I've been working on agility and lateral movements all summer.

Last year I didn't play much and put on a few pounds of muscle. I decided to lose weight this summer, " the Miami Heat basketball player told the 'Five on the floor' podcast during his team's Media Day. 

Turkey played the EuroBasket with three NBA players (Cedi Osman, Furkan Korkmaz and Alperen Sengun), and were eliminated in the eighth-finals to later finalists France.

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Not joining national team for lowering fat level, really ? Is it a joke ? Is he making fun of Turkish peolple. He lost so many supporters by his decision. I think he needs to get better advisors/manager, before lowering his fat level.

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