Chus Mateo touches on Facundo Campazzo's potential return to Real Madrid

2022-09-29 07:44

As Facundo Campazzo remains a free agent and Real Madrid seem to be interested in reclaiming him, Chus Mateo addressed the issue in the press conference after his team beat Girona. 


A few minutes after Real Madrid had overcome ACB newcomers Girona (94-88), Chus Mateo talked about his team's first win in the season and a possible reinforcement in Facundo Campazzo

The Argentinian point guard is currently a free agent, and although he's still exploring the NBA market, a potential return to Real Madrid might be on the cards. Asked about the possibility of 'Los Blancos' reclaiming him, Mateo didn't dodge the question.

"I wish there was a place for him," he said.

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Mario  Hezonja
Mario Hezonja
Points 23
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Rebounds 7
Assists 0

"If there is, he's welcome. We are very fond of him and we know what he can give. But now he's not a player of the team. If he comes, it will be fantastic. But the ones that matter now are those we have in the locker room," the Spanish coach continued. 

Campazzo, who is 1.78-meters tall, was not in the Nuggets plans.

"Facu [Campazzo] gave his heart and soul when he was here. He was loved in the locker room," GM Calvin Booth at a press conference for NBA media day in Denver.

"We wanted to try to be a little bigger team and we didn't think it was absolutely necessary to have a real point guard like Facu so we made the decision to move in a different direction," he added. 

In his 2020-21 NBA rookie season, Campazzo averaged 6.1 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 3.6 assists in 21.9 minutes per game. However, last season he had his role reduced on the Nuggets and averaged 5.1 points, 1.8 rebounds, and 3.4 assists in 18.2 minutes per game.

Mateo was satisfied with the victory over Marc Gasol's Girona, but he acknowledged that the team must work to be "more solid and more consistent and have fewer ups and downs."

In this sense, he regretted that his team made "many mistakes", with 17 turnovers, and admitted that what bothers him the most is that Madrid has "the naivety of giving two points without effort to the opposing team".

Winning the Super Cup can be a mixed blessing for Madrid, Mateo holds. "It's positive because it gives confidence, but it can also hide certain things. We have to keep working," he stressed. 


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