Vangelis Liolios: 'FIBA took the first step of unity in European basketball'

2022-10-01 11:55

Vangelis Liolios spoke about FIBA's move to change the qualifying windows dates for the 2023 World Cup in order for EuroLeague players to compete.

Credit: Hellenic BF
Credit Hellenic BF

The president of the Greek basketball federation, Vangelis Liolios attended an event organized by the Greek Basketball referees federation at the University of Patras and talked about FIBA's decision to change the dates of the World Cup qualifiers window.

The event in which Liolios urged EuroLeague to make a move as well, was also attended by legendary Greek basketball players Vassilis Spanoulis, Ioannis Bourousis, and Kostas Tsartsaris.

Liolios spoke about FIBA's decision to hold the final two World Cup qualifying windows over two days, instead of four, in order for teams competing in the EuroLeague to give their players a chance to compete in the qualifiers.

"Just yesterday something was announced by FIBA. It was the first step of unity in European basketball. You all know that he asked to move all the matches of the national teams, which fell on the EuroLeague schedule by one day," said Liolios.

Liolios asked EuroLeague to also make a move that would help its players to be able to compete in the World Cup qualification windows.

"We expect the EuroLeague to also take a step forward, so that at the end of the short journey, after a certain period of time, the whole of European basketball will be united," said the Greek basketball federation president.


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