Vassilis Spanoulis after his debut: 'All we care about is winning'

2022-10-03 20:20

Vassilis Spanoulis did not want to talk about himself after the match. Instead, he focused on Peristeri players and the basketball product he wants to put out on the court.

Credit: FIBA

EuroLeague legend Vassilis Spanoulis officially started his head coaching career with a win against Bnei Herzliya in the Basketball Champions League.

In the most anticipated game of the evening, Spanoulis-led Peristeri comfortably marched to a victory after taking a comfortable lead in the second quarter. Talking after the game about his coaching philosophy, the Greek legend was all about winning.

"We had motivation, ambition, and a huge passion to prove that we can be a very good team. A team, a family that cares about each other, that all we care about is winning and not the statistics," Spanoulis told after the win.

Player of the Game
Miro  Bilan
Miro Bilan
Points 17
Accuracy 7-10
Rebounds 9
Assists 4

Spanoulis was the center of attention throughout the entire game. However, the coach did not want to talk about himself.

"I want the arena to be filled not because of my name but because of the players. The players are the protagonists. Basketball has died in me as a player. I am now taking on a new career, I will pursue it with the same enthusiasm. For me, it is important that people come and applaud my players," he said.

"We are a new team. It's not easy for the guys. Many of them were playing at a lower level. They are all my personal choice," the coach continued. "I want to take this opportunity to thank the management who managed to bring the players we wanted. We try to improve every day."

In the end, Spanoulis touched a bit on his coaching philosophy and the way he intends to manage players during the matches.

"I never pre-select who will play more or [who will play] less. We want to put the new guys in, and give them opportunities to gradually earn their time. Nothing is given to you in this life," Spanoulis told. "Everyone gets what they deserve. It is up to me how I handle the material at my disposal. We want to play modern basketball, as dictated by the trends of the time. Basketball is played depending on the players you have available."


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