LeBron James thought he would never play for Team USA after his debut

2022-10-11 12:37

After the fiasco in the 2004 Olympics, LeBron James revealed he thought he would never wear Team USA jersey ever again.

Credit: AFP-Scanpix
Credit AFP-Scanpix

In the Netflix documentary The Redeem Team, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James revealed he was thinking about not playing for Team USA after the fiasco in the 2004 Olympics.

Team USA lost against Argentina in the semifinals, while James, alongside Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, admitted that the 12-man roster barely looked like a team.

"It was ugly to watch," said Wade. "It was terrible to watch and terrible to be a part of."

LeBron James

LeBron  James
Position: SF
Age: 37
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Birth place: Akron, United States of America

Meanwhile, Anthony had even harsher words.

"We were just a whole bunch of… kind of just bullshit thrown together and said, 'Go out there and win us a gold medal. There was no culture with Team USA. There was no culture at all," Carmelo recalled.

The United States beat Lithuania in the bronze medal game, but James didn't hide that such an achievement didn't mean much.

"There wasn't a lot of time [to prepare for the Olympics]. We had to figure out how to become a team in two weeks. I was young, but I understood what it meant to build chemistry in order to win.

I'm sitting on the podium, you know, receiving the bronze medal like, 'This shit was a waste of my time.' At that moment, I definitely wasn't playing for Team USA again," LeBron revealed.


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