Unfair Superstars & The Rule Change EuroLeague Really Needs (URBONUS podcast)

2022-10-17 13:57

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas and Augustas Suliauskas discuss the controversial calls in Round 2, key highlights of the remarkable Mike James & Will Clyburn battle, and (un)lucky events behind Partizan’s upset.


  • Where is Rytis? (00:00);
  • Howard’s masterclass & what went wrong for Partizan (1:21);
  • Top 3 early season surprises (9:44);
  • Behind Zeljko’s & Punter’s hug (15:31);
  • The EuroLeague rule that must be changed (19:03);
  • Reaction over uncalled foul vs. Micic (25:20);
  • The only regret of James & Clyburn’s classics (27:02);
  • Questionable leadership decision in Efes  (31:45);
  • Risky Monaco’s experiment (35:05);
  • Why Mike James is unfair (43:56);
  • What was worst about Maccabi’s tweet (47:37);
  • What makes Olympiacos so strong (55:45);
  • Few things to like about Panathinaikos (1:00:58);
  • What went wrong with Bacon & PAO turmoil (1:05:38);
  • A very unusual thing in El Clasico (1:08:47);
  • Most surprising EuroLeague GM survey results (1:12:30);
  • Recommended games to watch (1:22:18).

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