Nikola Jovic gets suspended as NBA disciplines Martin and Koloko

2022-10-24 06:50

Nikola Jovic was given a one-game suspension for leaving the bench area during the altercation. Caleb Martin was suspended for one game as well for being the instigator of the conflict. Christian Koloko received a fine.


The battle between Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors on Saturday featured a scuffle between Caleb Martin and Christian Koloko. Following the incident, the NBA has handed out disciplinary measures.

First, Koloko was fined $15,000 for grabbing Martin during the altercation. Martin, meanwhile, was determined to be the instigator of the conflict and was therefore given a one-game suspension.

The Heat forward was not the only one who received a suspension though. Nikola Jovic, who was not directly involved in the incident, received a one-game suspension as well. The Serbian youngster left the bench area during the altercation.

Martin will lose about $44,700 in salary for his suspension. The number for Jovic is smaller, reaching around $15,500.

With 7:46 left in the third and Toronto trailing by 22 points, Martin and Koloko battled for a rebound position. Koloko went down to the floor, and when he attempted to get up, Martin was standing over him with clenched fists and in a threatening position.

From there, Martin drove Koloko into empty seats in the front row. Martin was called for the initial foul. Both players were ejected for the fight.


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