Aito Garcia Reneses: 'This FIBA window thing is a real disaster'

2022-11-07 06:05

Girona's head coach was irritated after the game against FC Barcelona, admitting that the team needs a lot of work, and that the FIBA window interrupts the entire process.

Credit: imago images/Eibner - Scanpix
Credit imago images/Eibner - Scanpix

Marc Gasol returned to Palau Blaugrana for the first time in 14 years yesterday. His Girona Basquet were fighting the entire game but ultimately fell to FC Barcelona.

Girona's head coach Aito Garcia Reneses is not a stranger to the well-known arena as well. As a player, it was his last stop before becoming a coach. As a coach, he led the team for more than 10 years in the late 1980s and 1990s.

"When I come here, I am thinking about my team. Apart from the game, logically, it brings back many memories but I try not to think about it," Reneses told after the match.

Player of the Game
Oscar da Silva
Oscar da Silva
Points 16
Accuracy 6-10
Rebounds 14
Assists 1

The coach later emphasized that the team still needs a lot of work, and the 2023 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers window next weekend doesn't help it one bit.

"There is almost no way we can improve in the next week and a half because we won't be able to practice. This FIBA ​​window thing is a real disaster," the veteran specialist said. "This is bad for teams. The teams have to improve. For those of us who only play in the Liga Endesa, the windows thing is a fiasco because we can only improve individually, not collectively."

"We have several players who leave with the national teams. It's a morale booster for them but not for the team," the coach added. "It seems that the [only] important thing is that each one organizes their competition."

With 2 wins in 7 games, Girona are currently in 14th place in the standings.


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