LNB receives six-figure sum for broadcasting Wembanyama on NBA app

2022-11-23 14:43

French league (LNB) received €133k from the NBA for the rights to broadcast Victor Wembanyma and his Metropolitans 92.

Credit: Imago Images - Scanpix
Credit Imago Images - Scanpix

NBA paid €133,000 for the rights to broadcast Victor Wembanyama and Metropolitans 92 in the French league (LNB), according to AFP.

The media outlet further reports that Metropolitans 92 have approached the French league about whether the amount of money will be shared with the clubs.

"The French league claims they sold the rights to the French championship but if we look closely, the NBA only communicates about Victor Wembanyama," said Metropolitans' president Alain Bouvard. "We were not even kept informed of the negotiations. We just want to be respected. We are not the only ones asking the question, it interests other clubs."

Victor Wembanyama

Victor  Wembanyama
Position: C
Age: 18
Height: 223 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Birth place: France

However, the league committee unanimously decided that the received financial injection will not be distributed to the first-division teams.

According to AFP, French league representatives noted that they still have the option to allocate the money at the end of the season.

"This sum falls into the common pot of the LNB and part will be redistributed equally to the clubs, under marketing and TV rights, at the end of the season."

AFP adds that Metropolitans 92 decided to seize a law firm to study all possibilities of prosecution.

"This can take the form of legal action or a simple letter of protest," Bouvard assured.

NBA reached an agreement to broadcast Victor Wembanyama's matches in the French league on October 26. Additionally, NBA purchased the rights to broadcast French cup games, All-Star match, as well as playoff duels.

Wembanyma, projected No. 1 pick in the 2023 draft, is averaging 22.4 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 2.4 assists over eight LNB games this season. 


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