John Brown gets seriously injured at the end of the game vs ASVEL

2022-12-01 21:07

John Brown got forcefully hit into the ribs by Amine Noua while defending his layup and ultimately had to be carted off by the arena's medical staff.


With just under a minute to and AS Monaco leading by 12 points (84-72), John Brown suffered a serious injury that had the player carted off by the arena's medical staff.

LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne had the ball. Amine Noua was attempting a layup with Brown defending in the paint when the French forward forcefully contacted the Monaco player, hitting him with the right elbow into his ribs.

Brown immediately collapsed to the floor and was seen suffering serious pain.

Player of the Game
Donatas  Motiej┼źnas
Donatas Motiej┼źnas
Points 17
Accuracy 6-10
Rebounds 6
Assists 0

Several seconds later, the game was stopped to help the player. Brown wasn't able to get up by his own power and had to be attended to and then carted off by the arena's medical staff.

The player's status is currently unknown. However, it seems that the rib injury is serious and could possibly keep the player sidelined for a considerable amount of time,

Brown scored 8 points and grabbed 5 rebounds during the game.

Full game highlights:


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