Draymond Green names his top 5 players of all-time

2022-12-04 18:19

Draymond Green placed LeBron James number one on his list and Michael Jordan second. Next, he had Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Shaquille O'Neal.

Credit: AFP - Scanpix
Credit AFP - Scanpix

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green passed Michael Jordan on the all-time three-pointers list recently. Now, he's named where Jordan would stand in his all-time Top 5 players list.

Green recently went on the Uninterrupted podcast where he placed LeBron James over Michael Jordan on the top spot of his list.

"My Top 5 is LJ number one, MJ number two, Kobe number three, Steph number four, and Shaq number five," the player said.

Stephen Curry

Stephen  Curry
Stephen  Curry
MIN: 34.63
PTS: 30.77 (58.97%)
REB: 6.73
As: 7.09
ST: 1.05
BL: 0.27
TO: 3.14
GM: 22

The immense longevity of James was the main reason why Draymond chose him as number one, he says.

"Bron started in '03, by 2005 Bron was the best player in the league. In 2020, he was still the best player in the NBA. He was the best player in the NBA no matter what the game did. The game went from too slow, slow big men to stretch four big men to back-to-two big men to no big men. He has been the best no matter what," Green explained.

"When you look at the teams that Bron has carried to the championship or carried to the Finals, MJ didn't beat the greatest team ever assumed nor did he run against the greatest team ever assembled every year," the forward said.

Next, the Warriors star gave praise to James for his skillset on the court that Green says Michael couldn't match.

"You look at the skillset that LeBron has, there's nobody that has ever played the game of basketball that can do what LeBron James does on the basketball court, nobody. Michael Jordan could do just about all that LeBron James does except that he for damn sure couldn't pass like Bron," Draymond continued.

"We all wanted to be like Mike but what LeBron has been able to do and how he can control the game, and to do it this long... MJ retired, this s**t is grueling going to the Finals year after year after year," Green explained. "Bron went to 8 or 9 straight. MJ took a break right in the heat of that s**t, Bron didn't take no break. You know what he did? Went again and again and again and again. For me, that's why it's LeBron over MJ. On top of that, the talent nowadays is a lot better."

Draymond Green's All-Time Top 5:

  1. LeBron James
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Stephen Curry
  5. Shaquille O'Neal

UNINTERRUPTED podcast w/ Draymond Green:


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