AEK and Reggio Emilia fans clash before their teams' BCL game

2022-12-07 18:09

Some serious incidents occurred before the tip-off of the BCL contest featuring AEK Athens and Reggio Emilia.


Some serious incidents occurred before the tip-off of the BCL contest featuring AEK Athens and Pallacanestro Reggiana

The Italian team came to Greece with 15 fans on their side ahead of a crucial game that will largely decide the two teams' future in the competition. AEK are 1-3, while Pallacanestro Reggiana stand at 2-2.

A few minutes before the scheduled tip-off time, some wild scuffles took place between the fans of the two teams, with the atmosphere quickly becoming suffocating inside the Ano Liosia Olympic hall.

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In fact, AEK fans opened two fire extinguishers and tried to attack their Italian counterparts. Fans exchanged punches and kicks, while the two clubs had to call an ambulance to care for those injured in the brawl.

According to several reports, police forces were absent when the incidents occurred, as fans were fighting for about 5 minutes. 

Reggio's management asked for a stretcher, while chairs and various objects were thrown at the press tribune and the VIP area.

The turmoil took a toll on players who were witnessing the incidents in shock.

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The tip-off was delayed and the Italian side asked to leave the installation and for the game to be postponed.

FIBA reportedly rejected their petition, and the contest started with a 15-minute delay (18:45 CET instead of 18:30).

With the intervention of the police, the situation was somewhat normalized. At the end of the first quarter, policemen escorted the Italian fans out of the gym through the tunnel, BN Sports reports.

"Pallacanestro Reggiana expresses all its disappointment and outrage for the brutal attack suffered in the pre-game by the 15 supporters present within the guest sector of the Ano Liossa Olympic hall. The company immediately informed the competent authorities of the incident," the Italian club's announcement reads.

The attack was condemned by AEK Athens as well. The Greek side issued an announcement, stating that "the few unknown persons who insulted the values of AEK and were involved in an episode with fans of the guest team are not welcome in our house."

However, AEK are bound to be sanctioned by FIBA after everything that transpired tonight.



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