Sasha Vezenkov clarifies his chances of moving to Kings, names his MVP candidates

Donatas Urbonas
Senior Staff Writer
2023-01-12 16:08

Sasha Vezenkov confirmed he remains open for a potential NBA move to the Sacramento Kings.


The new multi-million contract that Sasha Vezenkov has signed with Olympiacos Piraeus won't close doors for the potential Sacramento Kings move.

On January 2nd, Vezenkov signed a new 3-year extension that will keep him in Olympiacos until 2025.

When asked if the new contract makes his move to the NBA and the Sacramento Kings less likely now, Vezenkov responded it's not actually changing his status at all.

Aleksandr Vezenkov

Aleksandr  Vezenkov
Aleksandr  Vezenkov
MIN: 28.56
PTS: 17.65 (63.29%)
REB: 6.94
As: 1.94
ST: 1.24
BL: 0.18
TO: 1.24
GM: 17

"No. Before the contract and after the contract, I'm in the same position," Vezenkov said in a 20-minute interview on BasketNews Talks. "I'm in a position where I play for Olympiacos. I love what I'm doing."

"I have a really good time here. Chemistry is great, and the team is doing really well. But when summer comes, everything can happen. I don't close any doors in my life. We'll see," Olympiacos star continued.

There's a reportedly 1.5M buyout in his news agreement with Olympiacos.

"It's January. I can't say what will happen in summer. But we'll see. That's what I can say to everybody. The only thing I care about now is winning titles and making our goals with the team. When summer comes, we'll see. With my family, the club, NBA, and my agent, everybody who loves me and is in my life, we'll see what will happen," he added.

The Kings' representatives didn't reach out to Vezenkov after he signed a new deal.

They traded the No. 49 pick in the draft to the Cavaliers in exchange for cash considerations and the draft rights to Vezenkov in the summer of 2022.

"No, we're professional. I think in this world, everybody knows what's going on and what happened. I didn't close any doors, I'm open," he assured.

"I'm like this in my life. I don't like to think too far. I put small goals in my everyday routine, weekly or monthly, and I try to achieve them. Sometimes you do it, sometimes not, but in six months, everything can happen. I hope I'll be healthy, and we'll see," Vezenkov concluded.

61.1% of the EuroLeague GMs picked Vezenkov as their midseason MVP.

Asked to name other players he sees winning this award, the most efficient EuroLeague player (per PIR) listed three stars.

"I've seen a lot of games, but the biggest impression for me was Matthias Lessort," Vezenkov named the Partizan Belgrade center first.

"I didn't expect him to play so consistently and solid. He's a really good player, but the consistency he's showing throughout all the games is impressive," Vezenkov praised Lessort.

He puts up 12.9 points (68.8% 2FG), 7.8 rebounds (3.7 ORP), 0.9 steals, 1.1 blocks, and ranks second in efficiency (21.3 PIR).

"Also, Will Clyburn and Vasilije Micic, two of the best players in the EuroLeague, perform every night," he added. "The toughest part is to perform every night. Of course, Mirotic is a great player, but he was injured, and he just came back. EuroLeague has a lot of stars and good players. But if I had to choose three, I would choose these three," Vezenkov said on BasketNews Talks.

Watch the entire BasketNews Talks conversation about his off-ball masterclass, the turning point in Olympiacos where he thought about moving to the lower-level team, and more:



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