Zeljko Obradovic comments on Brodziansky, irritating transfer rumors

2023-01-16 21:29

"We haven't made any decision yet," Obradovic said of Brodziansky.

Credit: Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stjepanovic, K. Kavolėlis
Credit Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stjepanovic, K. Kavolėlis

Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade head coach Zeljko Obradovic confirmed that there are talks between Joventut Badalona and Partizan about Vladimir Brodziansky, but the Serbian powerhouse has not taken the final decision.

"There is a situation with Joventut, but we will make a decision [in a near future]. We haven't made any decision yet. All that talk is the job of journalists," Obradovic stressed and then referred to Chima Moneke's move to AS Monaco:

"Well, today I read about the fact that some player, I don't even know who, signed for Monaco, and he was in negotiations with us... I don't know what else to say on this topic. Look at how many players have 'passed' through Partizan since July. It makes people wonder where we live," the nine-time EuroLeague champion claimed.

Vladimir Brodziansky

Vladimir  Brodziansky
Vladimir  Brodziansky
MIN: 9.98
PTS: 2.2 (36.36%)
REB: 1.4
As: 0.4
ST: 0.4
BL: 0.2
TO: 0.4
GM: 5

Partizan achieved their new scoring record in the ABA League, dropping 120 points and crushing MZT Skopje by 53 points on Monday night.



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